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Wood Refinishing & Restoration

There is nothing finer than a high quality wood finish. Over time, the beauty and luster of that finish can be lost if it is not maintained properly. Variations in climate and UV rays tend to have the most damaging effects on wood. If your wood finishes seem like they have no hope left, fret not! The true beauty of wood lies beneath. We can strip or sand the old layer off of that helpless hardwood and have it looking like new in no time!


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Installation & Repairs

If you are looking into furniture, cabinet, deck or door refinishing, M.I.G. Woodwork can help you with your project! Whether it’s windows, doors, cabinets, or floors, We’ve got you covered for all of your new installation or repair needs! Quality, efficiency and reliability are important to us so you’ll never have to wonder about the end results. You can expect the best and we will deliver. Starting a furniture, cabinet, deck and door refinishing project can be a handful, but M.I.G. Woodwork will be there to help you every step of the way. 


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Custom Designs & Carving

Tired of that design you’ve been looking at for years? You might be surprised how an old door, cabinet, or piece of furniture can be transformed into something new with just a little bit of love and a lot of skill. 


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Rehinging & Hardware Replacement

Do your doors or cabinets seem like they just don’t line up right anymore? Over time, hinges will bend and the screws holding the hinges on will start to give. This causes doors to drag, hang out of alignment, or not line up with frame hardware correctly. We’ve all experienced it and know just how annoying it can be. Let us reduce your frustration levels by getting your doors realigned!


Painting & Resealing

Prefer the painted look? We will get your paint perfectly matched and professionally applied to your hearts content. If you are simply trying to stay on top of maintaining your woods finish, we offer expert resealing at a price you can afford.


Our Signature 5-Step Refinishing Process

  • Step 1 • Strip or sand down to bare wood.

  • Step 2 • Apply high quality stain of desired color.

  • Step 3 • Seal with 3 coats of high grade sealer.

  • Step 4 • Apply 2 coats of premium grade varnish.

  • Step 5 • Apply topcoat in your desired sheen.

This process usually takes about 7 days from start to finish and with yearly maintenance,your wood finish will always look brand new!