Door Refinishing

When is it time to refinish my door?

If your door starts to lose its sheen or even color, we might be able to just maintain your topcoat.

If you start  to see blisters, cracks, peels or even bare wood, it’s time to look into front door refinishing. The places to look for signs are usually in the lower ¼ of the door. This is where it gets the most exposure to sun and water. Don’t wait just because 7/8 of the door look still good. You might save a lot more money to get things done in time before you pass a point of no return.

What is involved in the refinishing progress?

We will first determine if your door needs to be refinished or just maintained. If your front door needs refinishing we will start will taping off the surrounding area and put protective covering on your floors. When then proceed with our 5 step process.

-Take off hardware and Stripping old finish and stain

-Sand entire door and repair cracks and gaps

-Stain the door in your desired color with a fade resistant stain

-Apply sealer and protective clear coating

-Apply final topcoat in your desired sheen.

Can you do the refinishing on site?

Yes we are able to do your front door refinishing on site. We will tape off all the seams to limit the amount of dust that enters your home.

Depending on your situation we are capable of taking your door to our shop to complete the restoration on provide you with a temporary replacement door, if you have a standard door size.

Every time it rains, water seeps through my front door, can you fix this?

This is a common problem with panel doors that haven’t been maintained properly. The finish on the bottom panel usually broke down or is nonexistent anymore. Water than will penetrate the wood and cause it to swell or bend, resulting into separation between the panel and the rails or style. Water can than easily flow in this gap and come out on the other side.

If your panels are not badly warped, we’ll be able to fill those gaps and seal them in the refinishing process. Unfortunately some panels are so badly warped that they started to separate the styles and rails and your door needs some surgery and a replacement panel. If you are experiencing this, you will want to research more about refinishing your front door.

Are you going to refinish the inside of my door as well?

We certainly can but normally the inside of your door stays in good shape. It’s protected from sun and water and fades very little over time. If you are unhappy with your color and you would like a darker color, we are able to spray a darker finish on top. If you would like a lighter color, we would have to strip the inside as well and start from scratch.

How about minor repairs or scratches caused by pets?

This is an easy fix. We will start with some light sanding on the inside of the door and determine how deep the scratches are. If they go down all the way to bare wood, we can custom mix and match your existing color and blend it in. If the scratches are just on the surface of the clear coat, we sand them out and reply a few coats of clear coat.

What’s the difference between finishes for the interior and exterior side of a door?

Because the inside of a door is protected from sun and water, it doesn’t need to withstand harsh environments. It’s basically just there to protect your wood from scratches or spills and give it an nice, even and attractive sheen.

On the outside on the other hand it needs to protect the wood from UV rays from the sun and water from rain or snow, especially here in Colorado. UV rays brake down the finish and start to make it peel or blister. Another problem is temperature. With changing temperatures the wood and finish needs to be able to expand and contract otherwise you will see cracks over time. Slower drying finishes offer better protection over finishes that dry within 1-2 hours.

How long does refinishing my front door take?

Depending on the size of your door/entryway it usually takes about 5-7 days because of the slow drying finish that needs to dry for about 24 hours and sanding each coat in between. If you choose a high gloss finish it will take significantly longer. Add about 5 more days.

How long do I have to keep my door open after the varnish was applied?

Because the varnish dries so slow with refinishing your front door, we always recommend to keep the door slightly open for as long as possible, otherwise the wet varnish might stick to your door seal. Depending on the temperature this can take somewhere between 4-6 hours to reach a dry to touch status. It’s best to place a heave object in front and behind the door, so it’s not effected by wind.

What finish do you use to achieve good protection on the exterior side?

We are using a high quality marine spar varnish. These are specially formulated to withstand harsh environments. I used to use these high quality products during my time that I worked on privately owned motor yachts. They provide great protection from weather and sunlight. These are specially formulated with UV-Absorbers to slow down fading. As always, more is better. More coats mean more protection. We usually apply 2-3 coats of sealer that soak into the wood fibers to seal them and create a good base for the following 2 coats of full strength high gloss marine varnish. As a final sheen most people choose a satin finish which adds up to about 6 coats. We are sanding each coat in between to assure good adhesion of the next coat and eliminate runs, sags, or dust nibs. If you choose a high gloss finish it might be necessary to apply several additional coats. A high gloss yacht like finish is only possible if the grain of the wood is fully filled and the varnish is completely sanded flat.

How much is it going to cost me to refinish my door?

The cost of refinishing your front door greatly depends on the style and size of your door. As more detail your door has, as longer it is going to take. “Doors only” can vary somewhere between 500-1000$. If you have a wooden entry way with side lights, transom windows, double doors or anything bigger than a standard size door, it can cost somewhere between 700-5.000$. It best to give as a call and request a free estimate.

Why did the last person charge much less to refinish my door?

The chances are that the last person who completed your front door refinishing didn’t live up to your expectations. Inexperienced people or painters don’t know exactly what need to be done and used to make your door last. They usually use products from the home center or products that are interior use only. These products are cheap and easy to apply. It takes a skilled person to apply marine grade varnish and this high quality varnish comes with a high quality price.


How does the cost of refinishing stand up to cost of replacing?

There’s more involved in replacing a door than most people might think. It takes time and effort to research a new door or entryway. Just the time and money you spend on a new door will easily pay for the cost of refinishing. After that you are paying for disposal of your old door and for labor removing and installing it. The rough opening might need to be reshape because the new unit is smaller or bigger than the old one, new trim need to be installed and the new door and trim needs to be stained and finished on the in- and outside. The cost of refinishing your front door compared to all the cost of the mentioned before will typically be somewhere between 10-25%.


Do you recommend and offer maintenance?

If you are refinishing your front door, we do recommend a yearly or bi-yearly maintenance where we sand the old finish and apply 1-2 fresh coats. And as more coats you have as more protection you will get. Ask about our special 3 year maintenance contract and safe money.

You did such a fabulous job refinishing our front door, do you do other types of woodwork as well?

Yes, we refinish all sorts of woodwork. Wooden windows, furniture, floors, decks and kitchen cabinets just to give you an example. We are determined to give you the color and finish you want at a price you can afford.

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